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On question, what hotel sales, many would say the room, lodging, possibly even food and drink. We will say that the hotel sales unforgettable experience and memories!
Quality of service, satisfaction and customer loyalty, as well as the image of the hotel can be measured. The only question is: How?>>>


Client monitor prepares specialized HBA reports that allow comparison of your own business results and performance compared to selected competitors and the overall market.
It is only necessary to specify in relation to how many and which hotels you want to compare your own business success. >>>



Guest satisfaction is the starting point of all our future activities. If you have a satisfied customer, there is a high probability that he would gladly come back or recommend your hotel to friends and acquaintances. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a modern business concept in developed countries.>>>


In addition to measuring the service quality based on consumer ratings, client monitor enables hotels to measure the services quality using professional guests, well known as a Mystery Guest.
Mystery Guest is the person who assesses the quality of services that the hotel offers in all phases of the guest cycle. >>>



Services quality affects the satisfaction of your guests and their loyalty. However, the question arises: What affects the quality of services? The answer is simple: Your Employees!
As John Willard Marriott said: "Take care of your people, and they will take care of your customers." >>>


Client monitor enables you based on the report relating to the measurement of service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and analysis of the competitive position of the hotel, to identify areas where your results are below average. >>>



Analysis of on-line reputation relates to monitoring content and comments on the Internet and social networks in which appears your hotel or hotel brand.
Everything what your guests write about the hotel, positive or negative comments, good or bad quality of service, or assessment of their satisfaction, are available to you in a unique form. >>>


Client monitor enables to its clients collecting, storing, processing and analyzing large amounts of data.
The application of the most advanced software solutions for effective data analysis and converting them into information that are the basis of making appropriate business decisions. >>>