Analysis of Online Reputation


Analysis of on-line reputation relates to monitoring content and comments on the Internet and social networks in which appears your hotel or hotel brand.

Everything what your guests write about the hotel, positive or negative comments, good or bad quality of service, or assessment of their satisfaction, are available to you in a unique form.

Client monitor enables to you a large number of information on social networks and various web sites that relate to the guests experience regarding to services in your hotel processed, analyzed and delivered in the form of a unified report.

In this way we enable you:

  • Saving time in reviewing the various internet content
  • View the best and the worst comments
  • View best and worst score service
  • Insight into praises and complaints

The great importance and influence of social networks on the hospitality and tourism show data from a variety research that can be summarized in the following way:

  • 95% of respondents believe in what is written in the comments about the hotel
  • 87% of respondents chose the hotel based on a reading comments
  • 53% of comments were written by females and their comments are positive compared to men
  • 50% of respondents would not book a room in a hotel that has no comments yet
  • Men believe more facebook and women TripAdvisor.

Don’t forget an important rule of modern business. If you are not on the Internet, you don’t exist!