Measuring Employee Satisfaction


As mentioned, the quality of services affects the satisfaction of your guests and their loyalty. However, the question arises: What affects the quality of services? The answer is simple: your employees!

As John Willard Marriott said: "Take care of your people, and they will take care of your customers." Employees are your most important and valuable resource. Therefore, their satisfaction is the key for creating and delivering quality services, which in turn affects the satisfaction of your guests and their desire to come back to your hotel.

A common mistake that companies make is in identifying the employee satisfaction and job satisfaction. Employees can be satisfied with the work done, but may not be a satisfied person at the hotel. And vice versa, the employee does not have to be satisfied with the job, but he can feel satisfaction because he works in a certain hotel.

Client monitor allows you to measure the satisfaction of your employees, as a condition of satisfaction of your guests and get answers to the questions:

  • Are the employees satisfied with the working conditions in the hotel?
  • Does management encourages employees to be innovative in providing services?
  • Does the department managers understand the requirements of your staff?
  • Whether of departments encourage their staff to do the job the best they can?
  • Whether department managers help its staff in doing the business?
  • How employees see themselves in your hotel?
  • Does the hotel allow employees to thrive?
  • Do employees believe that their responsibility at work righteous?
  • Would employees went to training programs to improve the quality of work?
  • Are your employees proud to work in your hotel?
  • Is the reward system good?

The answers to these and many other questions will enable you to better understand your employees, their wishes, needs and expectations of you and the hotel where they work. One should always bear in mind that the success of your hotel depends on the satisfaction of your employees!