Mystery Guest


In addition to measuring the service quality based on consumer ratings, client monitor enables hotels to measure the services quality using professional guests, well known as a Secret Guest.

Secret Guest is the person who assesses the quality of services that the hotel offers in all phases of the guest cycle. The guest cycle includes the phases before guest arrival, arrival, stay and departure from the hotel.

Thus, the Mystery Guest assess:

  • Reservation accommodation options
  • Booking manage
  • Kindness, professionalism and courtesy of staff
  • Sales staff skills
  • The efficiency of check in process
  • Room
  • Food and Drink
  • Wellness and Spa
  • The efficiency of check out process
  • Other contents

Our professional gusts are there to check and assessment all segments of serving, even those components that you did not expect. The main objective of the analysis based on secret guest is to improve and enhance the quality of services for the benefit of the guests and the hotel. After leaving the hotel we prepare the report that will be delivered to you, in order to realized the good and bad sides of your business.

Secret Guest service is included in the packages Platinum and Diamond.