Staff Training Programs


Client monitor enables you based on the report relating to the measurement of service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and analysis of the competitive position of the hotel, to identify areas where your results are below average.

In accordance with your needs, we organize workshops in the form of lectures and case studies to train your employees in those segments in which the improvement of their knowledge and skills will contribute to the rapid resolution of identified deficiencies.

Client monitor organizes various training programs such as:

  • The hotel industry: the growth and development of the lodging industry
  • The organization of the reception
  • Manage Reservations
  • Efficient hotel housekeeping
  • Promotion and sales of hotel services
  • Revenue management
  • The calculation of performance indicators
  • How to choose the right employee
  • The system of rewarding employees
  • Other topics according to your requirements

Training is organized on a subject that is most needed to your employees. The time and venue of the training is harmonized in accordance with the needs and requirements of the job. For all participants provided the literature and presentations.

Is it possible to imagine the reception without a receptionist, restaurant or bar without the bartender?
Is it possible that the baggage are carried by robot or dinosaur give you a key at the front desk?
Everything is possible!
Imagination and creativity moves the borders of business.
Take your seat and listen carefully.