Service Packages


Client monitor reports are available in five packages: Basic, Standard, Gold, Platinum i Diamond depending on the level of analysis and quality of information they provide.

You decide which package you want to, depending on the desired informative report.

The basic elements of the package are:

  • Creating surveys
  • Design and production of e-mail templates
  • Creating a database
  • Data processing
  • Analysis of results
  • Preparing reports

Packages can be changed in the current month for the following month by modifying existing content, including in the analysis of additional features, such as segmentation variables, recommendations for decision, mystery guest.


Package OfferBasicStandardGoldPlatinumDiamond
  Creating a questionnaire
  The design of e-mail templates
  Data processing
  Analysis of results
  Preparing reports
  Annual QSIL Report 60% discount 70% discount 80% discount
  Employee satisfaction report
  Mystery Guest
  Recommendations for decision-making (BI)
  Number of variables for segmentation 1 2 3 4+